Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Distance Education

Harvard, MIT and Berkeley are offering audio lectures and presentations for distance students of all stripes, no tuitions needed. They skew towards computer science at the moment, and MIT's offerings are rather slim, but there are some real gems on offer.

An update: Don't miss the remarkable Walter Lewin's series of video lectures at MIT. Especially if you aspire to teach physics, you poor, sad, deluded fool..

Update the second: I eat MetaFilter's dust. And I'm a double-sad deluded fool for not at least mentioning Wikiversity.


Blogger Mister Spark said...

MIT World (not the same as OpenCourseWare). And don't miss LSE, CMU, and Connexions. Still bored? Don't forget ResearchChannel, Vega, and Wikiversity. Do you care for psychology, biology, geology, or math? Or maybe you prefer journals, papers, textbooks, or podcasts? Knowledge is useful and wonderful.

See also transcripts and audio of the RSA's lectures. Including, starting in the next 15 minutes, the "RSA Economist Debate - The internet's golden age is over"

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