Monday, February 13, 2006

The Most Dangerous Game

Poor Mr. Cheney just can't seem to get arrested no matter what he does! When it turned out that he was the one who instructed Scooter Libby to leak Valerie Plame's identity, any reasonable person could expect that would do it.
But after several days had passed, and there'd been no knock at the door, he must have turned desperate. 'Gee, what do I have to do - pump some random guy full of lead?'.

Of course, it's not at all news that Crashcart really, really likes killing things. But consider the more than 18 hour gap between the 'hunting accident' and the first news reports. It took an 'outside the loop' Corpus Christi affiliate to finally break the story. If one of our most public figures can pull the trigger on someone in broad daylight in public and keep that kind of a lid on it - what do you suppose goes on in those secret CIA prisons?
And why're we building new ones right here at home (besides the chance to give Halliburton a new no-limit no-bid contract)?

An update - and this promises to be the press field day to end all field days already: a quail hunter raises some questions concerning the White House's official story.


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