Friday, December 23, 2005

I'd Hate To See A Bad Year

And doesn't this look like a man who's just had a good year?

Somewhere, a painting of this man is growing steadily younger and younger..


- Oil broke $60 a barrel,
- the deadliest natural disaster since 1928 claimed thousands of lives,
- the House cut $50 billion from social welfare programs before extending $70 billion in tax cuts that benefit the wealthy,
- Congress passed a new bankruptcy law, written entirely to benefit banks and the credit industry, which ended up benefiting noone,
- the 2100th soldier was killed, along with tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians,
- we learned belatedly that our government was conducting domestic surveillance on its citizens with no warrants, no oversight, and no probable cause,
- poor folks are once again being left to freeze to death - hey, we needed that money to fund ANWR's oil exploitation!
- Plus there was a sprinkling of indictments and convictions

... but that's a good year? I think I'll find a nice hole to hide in, then - I don't want to see what he has planned for 2006!



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