Sunday, October 23, 2005

Advertising as Payola: Who really owns CNN?

This diary on DailyKos starts with a simple observation - that many of the companies advertising on CNN do not sell anything the viewing consumer could buy. See where this takes him:

And that, in my opinion, tells me all I need to know about the above advertisers and why they're running non-stop ads on CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, Fox News... because when the ads are running, the criticism and investigation stops...
... A quick look around the net will tell you WHY it's important for these companies to shut CNN up. Dow is STILL Refusing to properly compensate the dead and disfigured after the Bhopal disaster, Boeing has accepted liability for the Alaskan air crash that killed 88 people in 2000, while hiding sneaky sub-contracting scams on defense projects, and recent mass sackings haven't helped their image, while Lockheed Martin spends more time in court than your average DA for their corruption and kickbacks.


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Jonathan Schwarz and Bob Harris have more to say on this.

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